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Hypertechx - Top 8 Must Have Gadgets That Went Viral In 2020

Everyone should get at least one of these. Must Have Trending Products, those words bring to mind cool products, interesting items, and smart living ideas. Sometimes, you might be tempted to spend your whole paycheck on the amazing inventions of everyday citizens. This is a compilation of 8 of the coolest, most innovative and most awesome products that sold out in 2020. Many of them are products you’d never even expect to go viral, but they sold millions worldwide! Not only can you read about them here, you can click the links provided if you want to order them, without having to research, pick up the phone or even leave your house.

01. Drone 720X - Take the flyest selfies ever

Try to make a selfie with a tiny drone that fits your pocket size and use it for a million ways you could ever imagine. Well, this idea is really happening. In fact, millions of people are swapping their selfie sticks for this cute and tiny Drone720X. Take a look at my photo above. This just proves that selfie technology has been reaching new heights. This drone is foldable, lightweight and really unique. The Selfie Drone 720X is different from all the drones out there because anyone can use this.

02. iTrack - Simple and effective GPS Car Tracking Technology

If you can think of any situation where you might want to know where your car is, or where it has been, then you might need this iTrack GPS car tracker. The main purpose of iTrack GPS car tracker device is to let you know where your vehicle is at all times, and there are a lot of different scenarios where that can be helpful. For instance, if your car was stolen, but you had a tracker installed, you could provide the police with its exact location. GPS trackers for cars also fall directly in the rift between free-range parenting and authoritative parenting. With the right tracker installed in your teen’s car.

03. NeckRelax - Tired of neck pain? Immediate relief, wherever you are!

Neck pain is a common problem with few solutions. But thanks to The NeckRelax, that’s about to change. The NeckRelax brings the miracle of cervical traction to your home in the form of a simple, portable device you can use every day. NeckRelax helps release muscle tension in as little as 10 minutes a day and for less than the cost of a single physical therapy session. if you have frequent neck pain or know someone who does, you know it’s not an easy problem to get rid of. Medications simply dull the pain but do not eliminate it. And visits to your physical therapist are costly and time-consuming.

04. ClearView - Banish night driving fears for ever!

Seriously, did you know that the vast majority of car accidents happen at night and right before dawn? A lot of that has to do with glare and the problems with vision many people experience. Maybe that’s the reason these driving glasses are selling by the truckload. ClearView Night Vision promises to reduce night driving glare and eye strain, and it will dramatically improve seeing at night during snow or rainy conditions. It lets you see enhanced color, is durable, lightweight and is fully equipped with polarized lenses. Unlike clip-ons, ClearView Night Vision protects your eyes from all sides.

05. SmartCar - Protects You From Car Repair Scam and Saves You Money and Time

Have you ever gone to an auto repair shop for an oil change, only to have the mechanic say you need a new transmission? Or has the mysterious “check engine” light come on, and next thing you know the mechanic has a list of expensive engine parts that need replacing? Unfortunately, mechanics know taking advantage of people is easy, given their lack of knowledge about car maintenance needs. But there’s a new device you can carry with you in your car to tell you exactly what’s wrong with it. If you own a car built after 1996 then you can use this brilliant new device called SmartCar to instantly diagnose any car problems.

06. TacticalX Flashlight - Ultra Bright TacticalX Flashlight!

A strong TacticalX Flashlight is something you’d never think would be a viral product. But this specific flashlight isn’t just your run of the mill ordinary flashlight. It went viral in 2020 and sold over 20,000 units in just a few months.

You might be thinking that you already have a flashlight. But do the Navy Seals and the Military rely on the kind of flashlight you have? The skin is tough aircraft-grade-aluminum. Throw it, drive over it—it’ll still work. Drop it in six feet of water—it’ll still work.

That makes TacticalX Flashlight ideal for reliable, abundant light during a prolonged natural disaster or emergency… and for lots of everyday uses. This is standard gear if you want to be prepared for anything. Keep it in your car with you or your house.

07. 360 Virtual Camera - A 360° Virtual Reality World In Your Pocket

When you’re out in the Great Outdoors, you’ll often witness some of the great wonders of nature, needing to take a picture for posterity. In these moments, a simple rectangle won’t do: you need a 360° view. That’s where the Hyper360 VR Camera comes in. Another compact gadget, this little thing can be attached to your cellphone to create lasting images of your days in nature, or any other time. It comes with a Micro USB adapter to fit all Android models.

08. SmartFitness - Rock Solid 6 Pack Abs EMS Trainer

SmartFitness let you exercise while reading, taking care of household chores, on business trips or even off on holidays. The SmartFitness can be worn unobtrusively under your clothes, making it easy for workouts even while you’re at work or on the move. All you have to do is fit the SmartFitness to your body and let it exercise your muscles to help you achieve an even more beautiful physique.


Evelyn Williams
Ever since I started using the Rock Solid Abs Trainer, my 6-pack is the best it's been.
· Answer · 1 · 26 min
Wade Grunewald
The 360 Virtual Camera helps me get every angle of every landscape I want to capture.
· Answer · 1 · 54 min
Brenda T. Hudson
The 360 Virtual Camera fits perfectly on my Android phone, and the Micro USB adapter is so useful!
· Answer · 2 · 05 min
Virginia Gray
I used to feel unsafe going out in the dark, but with my TacticalX Flashlight that's no longer the case.
· Answer · 2 · 28 min
Linda D. Daniels
I now have so much confidence in going to the auto repair shop after I bought a SmartCar device.
· Answer · 2 · 57 min
Nancy Pop
I very rarely used to drive in the dark but with Clearview, I'm able to drive at all times of the day.
· Answer · 3 · 12 min
Brandon Perez
NeckRelax helped solve my neck pain problems, and is very easy to use no matter where I am.
· Answer · 3 · 40 min
Mick Sid
iTrack gives me complete peace of mind about where my car is. If it's stolen, I'll be able to find it in no time.
· Answer · 4 · 21 min
Jessica Beppler
As the parent of a teenager who recently learnt to drive, iTrack allows me to relax when they head out.
· Answer · 4 · 39 min
Jack Wiaderny
I've always wanted a drone, and the Drone 720X was perfect for me. My photography game is on point now.
· Answer · 5 · 01 min
Nikola Kowalczyk
NeckRelax was perfect to help relieve my neck pain when it started hurting at work.
· Answer · 5 · 46 min
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