A 3-in-1 convenient and highly versatile air cooler

Lots of adjustable settings to tailor your environment the way you like it


Key Points

USB connectivity means it can be powered by numerous devices

3 wind speeds to ensure comfort

Works as an air cooler, air purifier, and air humidifier


Investing in an air conditioning system can be a daunting task. When you are done with the basics, there are other products to consider to make the summer months more bearable. When you are at home, you don't want to be messing around with multiple gadgets so to take some of the burdens away, products like ArcticBreeze are a lifesaver.

This product is turning heads because of its multiple applications, but what is it about this room air cooler and humidifier that is making it a staple product in many homes? We’re going to take a closer look.


Advanced Technology

To keep you cool when the sun is blazing, a simple fan will not do. ArcticBreeze works by pushing out conditioned air with the use of water evaporation. It is purified by a filter to ensure it is hygienic and improves the air quality in the room.

Not many brands use this combination and it is highly effective and can even ease breathing difficulties.


Space Saving

If you work from home, you know how precious your desk space can be. You might not have room for a bulky fan, not to mention an air humidifier and air condition as well.

Because of its compact size, ArcticBreeze would save space compared to any single unit, let alone all three. Its miniature size is built for convenience without compromising performance and has so many different functions that it is ideal for any room where space is at a premium.


Highly Adjustable

A major issue with mini USB air coolers is that they are limited in what they can do. Usually, they just turn on and go, but this doesn’t give a user the ability to turn the cool air up a notch when peak summer hits.

With three adjustable wind settings, ArcticBreeze makes it easy to work in comfort, or sleep at night. It doesn't matter if there is a heatwave coming or there is a need to take the edge off, the settings are easily adjusted.


Everything In One Gadget

A lot of air coolers use old technology and this means they are limited in what they can do. This means that they blow out cool air but you can still be sitting in your sweat thanks to the humidity in the air.

Thankfully, products like ArcticBreeze are built for comfort. When the air cooler helps to bring the temperature down, it can also purify the air in the room. This means any family member who has difficulty because of impurities in the air can benefit from such a product.


Super Easy To Use

Modern technology is amazing in so many ways, but not everyone gets on with it. Complicated settings can mean the older demographic are often left confused and because of this, they do not get a lot of the benefits.

The settings on ArcticBreeze are so simple that anyone can use them. Setting up is also simple, the USB ready cable plug into any compatible device so it can be powered by a laptop, power adapter, or even a power bank. Filling up is also simple thanks to the wide mouth of the water tank that can be removed, filled, and put back in place.


Long-Lasting Air Cooler

Although convenience is the name of the game with top desk air coolers, a lot of them only work for a short time before they require refilling. This can be inconvenient at night when you want a comfortable rest without the device cutting out in the middle of the night.

Because of its generous 380 ml water tank and economic operation, ArcticBreeze can run for up to 8 hours at the lowest speed and 3 hours at the highest.


Easily Portable

A lot of air coolers are bulky units, taking up a lot of room and are inconvenient. Old technology often means you are left with a task on your hands, especially when moving the product up and downstairs.

Because the device is not reliant on a plug socket, ArcticBreeze can be placed anywhere in any room. It is easy to pick up and move into a nursery or the office. Although it is light, the materials are high in quality and it is easy to clean to ensure you are always getting hygienic air.


Ideal For Sleep

Some people like the white noise of a loud fan or air conditioner but for everyone else, it can stop them from sleeping.

To make sure the user does not ensure a sleepless night, ArcticBreeze has made sure this healthy air humidifier has a super quiet operation. This means it is well suited to a kids' room as it won't disturb a child's sleep. To top it off, the LED light makes an excellent nightlight should a child need to go to the bathroom in the night.

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