A revolutionary gadget to turn a hot day into a cool one

The personal portable cooler system that can be used anywhere at any time


Key Points

Hands-free personal cooler system

Provides cool air to the places that benefit the most

Near-instant coolness when it is most needed


With the summer months never too far away, there is always space for new gadgets to make life more comfortable. The problem with a lot of them is that they involve electrical connections that tend to be weak and ineffective.

The CoolFeel Max is a new product to hit the market, and it has been making some waves. With a lot of people crying out for a personal cooler that doesn't need a mains connection or held to work, we’re going to take a look at why it is becoming so popular.


No Warm Up To Cool Down

One of the major disadvantages of a lot of personal cooler systems is that they take a while to get to the cool stage that refreshes the user. Because of this, people tend to become uncomfortable and sweat more than they would have with an effective solution. This is one of the main advantages of CoolFree Max. It is fast to work and the rapid cool technology ensures it takes just a few seconds to start cooling the wearer. For an immediate cooler, this is about as fast as it gets.


Cools In Multiple Ways

Those sticky summer days can be great under the right conditions, with longer days, and people looking happier. Still, they can be uncomfortable, and not only because of the heat. The humidity that comes with summertime is as unbearable as the increase in degrees, and it is difficult to do anything about it.

CoolFeel Max has worked on countering this, offering the user the ability to control the quality of the air around them. By countering the humidity, this doubles up as a personal air purifier to ensure that maximum comfort is achieved.


Multiple Speed Modes

A weak air purifier or cooler is as frustrating as it is ineffective. A light breeze isn’t usually enough to make a hot day more bearable. This is where a product with more options is going to be a better purchase.

Part of why people like products like CoolFeel Max is that there are plenty of speed options. It has 3 to choose from so when you need to step it up during the peak heat, you can stay cool.


Incredibly Versatile

There are some great products available that can cool the air and reduce the temperature of a room, but not that of personal space. Also, they cannot be taken out and about to cool the user on the go.

A major plus point for CoolFeel Max is that it has taken advantage of modern technology and is completely portable. This means it can be used at home, but also on a daily commute. Any form of travel is going to be more comfortable when wearing a neck hang air purifier. It can be worn on the subway, in the gym, at work, or anywhere the wearer needs to go.


Near Silent Operation

The more powerful the fan, the louder it is going to be right? Well, this is true, but there comes a point that the noise becomes a distraction. Because of this, the market has been crying out for a product that does not disturb but keeps the user cool.

Because of its patented technology, CoolFeel Max manages to produce virtually zero sound when in use. This means it can also be worn whilst sleeping which is great because that is also when cool air is seriously needed.


Compact Design

In the past, only bulky units could be used to cool the air. Otherwise, those flimsy handheld fans that do very little and make a loud buzzing noise were the only other option.

Thankfully, the world has changed, and technology has too. The compact design of CoolFeel Max ensures it can be taken anywhere, stored in a bag like a pair of headphones, and is lightweight enough to not weigh the carrier down.


Completely Safe

Those large commercial grade fans might be powerful, but they come with their risks. The fan blades can become tangled if a person's hair gets too close, and this can be dangerous.

Its vortex blower means that CoolFeel Max will not tangle the wearer's hair, making it safe to use at all times. This is why it is fine to enjoy the relaxing cool breeze at night.


Long Battery Life

There is nothing worse than having a cool breeze, only for it to be taken away by a battery running out. This can make the user sweat more than they did before, a detrimental trait for any gadget.

Thankfully, the long, 20-hour battery life of CoolFeel Max ensures it can keep going when it is most needed. Fast charging via micro-USB, and ready to go again quickly, it is never going to be out of action for long.

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