ErgoRelax Is The Travel Pillow
That Will Give You A Great Sleep

This Amazing Travel Pillow Gives Comfortable Options To Make Sure You Can Rest, Even In Difficult Conditions.

It’s not easy falling asleep whilst you are on the go. Some people find it impossible to get comfortable, so miss out on hours of sleep, whilst other people are in the middle of theirs. Being wide awake on a plane at night, or finding it hard to sleep whilst camping is annoying but thankfully there is something you can do about it.

ErgoRelax has more than one type of use and has been proven to make it easier to sleep and rest for a long time. Before you begin your journey, make sure you have considered what ErgoRelax can do for you first.


ErgoRelax Is Incredibly Comfortable

A travel pillow should do more than your traditional pillow. Because you are not able to lie in the same way you would in your bed, you need a travel pillow with an intelligent design, that will make it easy to fall asleep, even if you are resting at an awkward angle.

ErgoRelax fully supports your head and neck in a way that many others do not. The face window and two arm holes make it easy for you to block out the noisy and sometimes bright outside and get some valuable rest. You can literally hug it which makes resting super comfortable.

It can also be used in the same way you use a traditional pillow, giving you more options that a lot of other designs.


ErgoRelax Is Ideal For Travel

When you have a business trip or are traveling long distances, the amount of sleep you get on the way can really impact your experience and performance.

If you are tired when you arrive, a meeting might not go as planned, or you might not enjoy the first couple of days of your holiday as much. This is why many people are using ErgoRelax.

It can be packed down into a small space so will not make a big difference to how much you can carry. On a plane, you can lean forward and use the tray in front so if you do not have a window seat, you can still find comfort.


ErgoRelax Is Easy To Set Up

Some travel pillows seem to take a lot of energy to get them into a place where they can be used. The ErgoRelax takes seconds to inflate and you can use a pump or your mouth.

A complaint that many people have when it comes to travel pillows is that they take a long time to deflate. When you are getting off a plane, you want to be able to put it back in your bag, and not waste time trying to push down on your pillow just so you can pack it in your bag again.

ErgoRelax has a simple solution for this. Once you have opened the valve cover, you just push down on the black rubber sheet to release air faster.


It Is Easy To Store

Some travel pillows can't be deflated, meaning they take up a lot of room or have to swing clumsily from the side of your carry on bag.

ErgoRelax folds down into a compact size and comes with a carry draw bag which can be tied to your suitcase. Because it doesn't take up a lot of room, you have more space for the things you really want to take. It is also lightweight meaning it will not be strenuous to take with you.

It only weighs 0.77lb so it can be taken anywhere without you having to sacrifice something from your suitcase.


ErgoRelax Has So Many Uses

A travel pillow that has the same design as a traditional pillow really doesn't give you a lot of options. Because of the thoughtful design, you are able to use ErgoRelax to sleep at different angles.

You can hug it to sleep, lean on it from their side, use the tray in front as well as use it how you would a normal pillow.

This means it is a travel companion that can be taken on any journey, giving you lasting comfort.


It Is Made From Quality Materials

The last thing you want is to rest your tired head on an uncomfortable pillow that is made from cheap materials.

ErgoRelax is made from PVC flocking which is incredibly comfortable and soft. This feels good on your skin which allows you to rest without the distraction of a rough surface on your face and neck.


ErgoRelax Can Be Used By Anyone

Some travel pillows are too lightweight to support certain body types, and others too rough for younger children.

The ErgoRelax is suitable for anyone who really wants a good rest on the go. Children will find the design fun, as they can put their head inside which also eliminates distractions. People who find they are never able to sleep whilst traveling should really try it as it offers a level of comfort that was never available in the past.

It is a must-have travel accessory for anyone who finds it hard to sleep on a plane, train, cruise, whilst camping or even at the office.

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